About me

Hello, My name is Lyndall and I am 12,

I have 2 pets one-girl frog and one boy frog. I love to do gymnastic stuff. I love animals. In my spare time I like to draw or watch TV. I also play the piano and I am in the big band. I like to sing and hang out with my friends. When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer and become famous. My favourite food is sushi, dumplings and pasta. My favourite animals are pandas and dolphins. My favourite move series is the hunger games.

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Little Lucy

English Language Features

One day there was a girl called Lucy who loved licking lollipops. She had a dog as a tiny as a peanut. Suddenly Lucy realised that it was 8 am and she had to go to school. She loved to talk to her friends a lot. Her teacher came marching in and said “We have a maths test today “. A few minutes later they were having the test. All of a sudden Lucy started talking. Her teacher said to her “should you be talking in a maths test?” After that she was an island in the sea. Finally the test was over. Lucy was about to explode from happiness.

The kindness of beauty

Connective Saga

The Kindness of Beauty

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lucy. Before Lucy was born a fairy godmother cast a spell on her she said, “ you will always have great beauty forever unless you are not kind ”. So when Lucy was born she was the prettiest girl in the world, but her mother died when she was fifteen years old. Her father eventually remarried to a wealthy lady. This wealthy lady had two daughters named Mary and Kate. One day unexpectedly Lucy’s dad passed away. When Lucy found out she was devastated. Her two-step sisters were mean to her. Mary and Kate made Lucy clean their room. Until her step mum said to Mary and Kate “ stop bossing Lucy around. In fact you can clean her room for a week.” “Thank you” said Lucy in a gentle voice.

2 Years later

Lucy’s step mum made Mary and Kate do all the chores in the house rather than Lucy doing them. Over time Lucy became fatter and fatter. Remember that time I told you that she would always be beautiful, This curse had a twist the fairy godmother said, “You will only keep this beauty if you are kind and thoughtful”. That was the twist. Lucy became very sick so sick that she could not walk. Already she was not beautiful like she used to be. One day she passed away. Her stepsisters threw a party even though it was suppose to be her  funeral.

The End

Student Blog Challenge

I had to learn how to post photos and videos on my blog and here are some things you need to do in order to post on your blog.

~First you have to reference where you got the photos or videos if you got it from the Internet

~You can also take your own photos and create your own videos and post them on your blog

If you post a photo you need to get a plug in called ‘Compfight’. Compfight can allow you to search up a topic and it will come up with a variety of photos in the topic that you choose. I think that Compfight is good because it’s not copyright. If you need more information you can go to the year 6 blog and click on ‘Our very first blog challenge 2015 ’. There will be a heading called ‘Using Images’ and there will be more information under the heading. I hoped this helped you thank you.

About Me

Hi, my name is Lyndall

I am 12 years old and live in Australia. I am in year 6 and I love animals and I have a pet green tree frog called Bugsy. I love to play any kind of sports. I also like fashion and drawing in my own time. I love to go shopping and spending time with my friends. I have an older brother he is 20 years old. My favourite subject is P.E. I am a kind and happy person. When I grow up I want to be a radiologist or a fashion designer. My favourite animals are elephants or dolphins. I also love going to the movies. My favourite foods are sushi and pasta.

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